Our Issues

The world is full of issues and they all can be solved with one word.  That is "LOVE"!  If we simply loved one another like we loved ourselves and protected the interest of our brothers like we protect our own self-interest, we would have no issues.  Ladies and Gentleman, YOU CAN'T LEGISLATE LOVE! 

And since you can't sell LOVE and profit from it, we occupy our lives with the creation, management and advocacy of policies, rules and regulations to help us reason with the notion that more written words on paper will help turn the hearts of man!    

To this end, we desire to express our LOVE by defending the poor. 

We do this in 5 key areas:

  • Section 3 (Economic & Community Development);

  • Self-Sufficiency (Personal Responsibility);

  • RAD (Economic Inclusion);

  • Health & Wellness (Inequalities in Health) and

  • Rent Reform (Program Accountability)

Details to our "Hot Button Issues" can be found above in the sub menu bar. 

Oh, and in case no one told you today how Rockstar Badass you are-please allow us to tell you!  You Rock and We're Grateful You're Alive!  and Yes...We Love You!  

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